Read what some of what our clients have had to say about us and our services!


I am writing thank you from the bottom of my heart for purchasing my home in the condition that it was. My home had been neglected because of a long stretch of ill health and for that same reason I needed to downsize. I wasn’t able to make the repairs or do the maintenance required. So I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place; needing to down size but unable to do the work required. Your kindness and understanding in purchasing my home in a neglected state went far beyond any expectation I had when I made my first call to you. It has been my sincere pleasure to sell my home to you. i felt that the price we agreed on was fair and the sale went very smoothly without additional stress in an already stressful circumstance.

Again many, many thanks for the effortless sale of my home.

Kind regards,
L. Sawyer | Edmonton

Our thanks go to all of you for the incredibly smooth process you provided for selling our home.

We were not at a crisis point, but we were ready to be done with our house. Our children are out on their own. Yard work and shoveling were becoming more difficult. So, it was time to think about downsizing.

However, our home required significant work that would have been both disruptive and expensive. We would likely have needed to move during renovations, and that would not solve our difficulties with the outside work.

So, while we wanted to sell, the work required to our house made selling a home on the traditional real estate market very difficult. Therefore, we were looking for alternatives, and we found a couple of businesses on the web who purchase homes for renovation.

Here is where they shine. Not only did you return our initial contact promptly, but quite quickly we set up an appointment for you to come to look at our home. Your warmth and friendly approach during this visit set us at ease as we showed you the unpleasant nooks and crannies of our house.

We were surprised to have you not only make an offer that very night, but to essentially share with us your business case for that offer. We quickly negotiated a mutually acceptable price and signed an agreement. Frankly, we were a bit in shock at how quickly that process moved!

Your assurance of flexibility and quickly clearing your one condition on the offer enabled us to find our new home in a condo. Your flexibility continued as we went through the process of closing our sale, transferring utilities, access to the house for the things we forgot, and allowing us to leave behind items that we could not dispose of before we moved.

Downsizing, selling and buying can all be stressful experiences. Your warmth and flexibility certainly helped it to be less so for us. We would happily recommend Sell My Edmonton House Fast to others.


Glenn and Sandy, Edmonton, AB

Cash Offer Form

This letter is to let you know how happy I was to find you and how happy I am with the service you gave me! Please share this with others if you would like.

I was in the same home for over 50 years. My children and husband moved out and it was way to big for one person. I didn’t’ t have the money to fix it up to sell and I had so many things to get rid of! Even the taxes, insurance and utilities were getting to be too much expense!

Luckily I was able to find a really nice apartment to move into I but still had the house to deal with. Before meeting you. I was over whelmed with my house, the amount of things I collected over the years and the costs of keeping up the house. I was relieved to see your ad and that you could buy my house without me having to get rid of all my stuff or fix it up to sell.

Once I called you. I felt so relieved that you could help me with my situation. You were friendly and good to deal with, and we were able to work out a fair price – giving me a good nest egg to live on and not having to worry about the house any longer.

Being a senior my family wanted to make sure everything was covered and above board. You worked with me and explained everything to my children and whole family to ensure that everything was clear. I still remember our first meeting where you told me that we would not sign off on a deal until my family had a chance to review it with me. After reviewing it with my children they gave it the OK when we all realized that you offered us a fair price for my home.

It really helped that you let me choose when I wanted to sell so I could make all the arrangements to sell off some of the things I didn’t want. You even allowed me an extra week after closing to get the things I wanted out of the home.

Overall it has been great dealing with you and I am really glad I was able to sell to you. I would suggest you to anyone who wants a quick sale with no hassles.


Lillian R, Edmonton, AB

I cannot believe how quickly you bought my house! You guys are really the best!

I was totally done emotionally and financially with the house. It was vacant for two years, and needed some repairs. I just wanted to move on and start another business. By getting some quick cash from it, I will be able to open my catering company, serving the military in Cold Lake.

When I needed to sell fast, I went online, and called a few companies like yours. I met with you and a couple other companies. You are both so sincere and represented you and the company so professionally! Out of all the companies I spoke and met with, you were the only company I felt confident with to get this done as fast as I wanted it done.

After meeting you, and going through how you do things, I felt confident you would be able to get it done. We met late Friday afternoon and I told you I was heading to Mexico on Thursday which was only 4 Business days and I wanted the deal completely cashed out by then.

You didn’t seem fazed by my request, even though I wanted the money from the home in six days, and two of those days were the weekend. You quickly did up the offer, got it over to the Lawyer, and I just had to go in and sign the documents.

Here we are on Thursday, and I have my money! You guys are miracle workers! I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs or wants to sell a house quickly! I hope you do well with the house.

Thanks so much!

Brian H., Edmonton, AB

Thank you for quickly buying my rental house. I had a tenant from hell and he was a huge pain. I dreaded having to deal with him. He wouldn’t pay the rent on time and was smoking in the house, even though I told him it wasn’t allowed.

I wanted to sell so I wouldn’t have to deal with this and other tenants any more and also so I could put the money toward my acreage property. I didn’t want to fix up the house to sell it, and I didn’t want to have to go through listing the house and not knowing when it would sell. I also dreaded having to set up “showings” with Realtors and this tenant.

It was really easy to deal with you. You came and looked at the house, we agreed on a fair price that I was happy with, and you closed the deal. I didn’t have to fix it up, or deal with trying to show it, while I had a tenant in the place.

As I told you, this tenant was terrible. He owed me $2,400 in rent and wouldn’t pay up! You not only delivered on what you promised in buying my house, but in addition you coached me on what to do to get my $2,400 of back rent and…a day later, I had the money! Thank you!

I would recommend you guys to anyone who wants or needs to sell fast and doesn’t want to go through all the normal hassles of selling a house. You made everything so easy! I will be happy to get on with my life and not have to deal with this house maintenance or tenant any more!

Thanks for all your help!

Jason A., Edmonton, AB