Going Through Divorce?

Few events are more stressful or trying than divorce. Even in the best conditions there are still hang-ups and headaches to deal with!

In many cases a couple is forced to stay connected financially due to the house that they own.

So what are your options?

You could continue to co-own the home, but that isn’t helping anybody move on. One of you could buy out the other one, but there would be a new mortgage involved, which is hard for just one person to keep up with these days!

The best choice is just to sell your house and be done with it. You could go the traditional routes and list with a realtor, paying high commissions or try and sell your house yourself. From our experience, you should sell your house as soon as possible … for CASH!

We can provide you with a FAST sale and CASH for your house. It’s time to move on and we ready to help you do that. Just fill out the form to get your FREE consultation! We live in the Edmonton area, so within 24 hours we’ll make you a CASH offer on your house! In a matter of days you can be free of your old house and ready to move on with the rest of your life!

Get A Cash Offer Now!

Cash Offer Form

Thank you for helping Karen and I with the recent foreclosure of our house. Due to some challenges in business and our separation, we were unable to make the mortgage payments.

We called you because you seemed like you really cared and would be able to help us with our situation.

Have we ever been pleased and surprised with how well things went! We had lots of equity, and you were able to get us $40,000 of the equity. This has helped us get back on our feet and get rid of our mortgage debt. It was also great that we didn’t have to move. Not only were we able to stay in the house but with the new paint, flooring and landscaping, the house is even more comfortable.

It has been great knowing you Lisa, and we would highly recommend you to anyone in foreclosure or looking to sell their house quickly.

Thanks for helping us!

Larry E | Edmonton, AB