Selling A house can be a complicated process. When you sell your house, many things will impact the price you can sell it for. Some things will give the house a higher sale price, and others will give the house a lower sale price.

Below are aspects that make a house sell for more, and also aspects that make a house sell for less.

To get the most for your property, the home will be:

  • In a desirable location.
  • In good condition with modern renovations.
  • Up to date color scheme.
  • Non smoking home.
  • No pet stink.
  • Neat, clean and tidy.
  • Clear of clutter and junk.
  • Many bedrooms and at least a double garage.
  • Be of quality construction with structurally sound foundation.
  • Large lot.
  • No deadline of when it must sell.
  • Have time for home inspection.
  • Have time for buyer to qualify for financing.
  • Overall good market at the time of selling. (Sellers Market).
  • Will be available for showings.

Homes that sell for less will have:

  • Bad location, busy street, or marginal part of town.
  • Needs repairs.
  • Dated color scheme, or old condition.
  • Smoke damage from smoking in the home.
  • Pet or human urine stink.
  • Dirty, filthy, and clutter everywhere.
  • Only one or two bedrooms.
  • No garage or garage too old to be useful.
  • House or foundation with structural issues.
  • Small lot.
  • Need to sell “As Is”.
  • Need a CASH buyer so deal doesn’t fall apart.
  • Need sold NOW!
  • Recession or bad market occurring at the time of sale.
  • Seller wants privacy and doesn’t want to show the home.

So, what your house will sell for depends greatly on the condition of the property, location, and your situation at the time of sale.

If you want full price for the home, are willing to get the home in tip top shape to sell, are willing to list the home for maximum exposure, and to show the property to multiple buyers you will get more for the property than if the house is distressed.

It’s really up to you to decide what works for you and what the best way to sell your house is.  If you have plenty of time to sell, and the house is in great condition, in a desirable area, you can get more for the house.

If the house is in a less desirable location, needs repairs, or you need the house sold ASAP, you need a CASH Buyer like “Sell My Edmonton House Fast”, who can buy the property quickly, but may not be able to pay as much for the house.

It’s really up to you, as to what works best, and what is the best way to proceed.    Sell My Edmonton House Fast has been in business for over twenty years, and are here to help you if you need a quick sale on your house.

We buy your property “As Is”, for Cash, so you don’t have to do repairs, clean, do junk removal, wait for bank approvals, deal with home inspections, or any other issues that can kill your sale.

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